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A More Inclusive National Anthem

Towards A More Inclusive National Anthem

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By Camilo Piovesan @CamiloPiovesan

In 2008 lead singer of The Seekers Judith Durham collaborated with a group of Australian identities, including First Nations identities, to write a new national anthem. Advance Australia Fair – A Lyric for Contemporary Australia was conceived by Durham with Mutti Mutti musician Kutcha Edwards, author Camilla Chance, co-founder of the Black Arm Band Yorta Yorta Dja Dja Wurrung Dr Lou Bennett, and Director of Woodford Festival in NSW Bill Hauritz AM.

Originally released as a single in 2009 with Kutcha Edwards, then re-recorded as a solo by Durham for her Australian Cities Suite album in 2015, there has been increased calls for Australia’s national anthem be changed. Renowned Indigenous Opera SingerDeborah Cheetham refused to sing the anthem at the AFL Grand Final in 2015, saying: I knew it was an honour to be asked but I simply could no longer sing the words ‘for we are young and free’. But it’s not true. Setting aside for the moment 70,000 years on from Federation and 227 years into colonisation, at the very least those words don’t reflect who we are.”

In 2015 Durham wrote an open letter to the Governor General and the public, encouraging continued debate. She wrote:

“It has been with a great sense of responsibility that I have worked hard on this objective as far as I could ……. I do so hope you like the proposed new lyric, with its potential as an inspiring unifying force if the new version could one day be approved at an official national level.”

The anthem has recently undergone one small change. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a new lyric on New Years’ Day this year. The line “we are young and free” was changed to “we are one and free”. In a New Year statement published in the Sydney Morning Herald Mr Morrison explained that the notion of being “one and free” must be the story of every Australian. “Our country’s story is ancient, as are the stories of the First Nations Peoples whose stewardship we rightly acknowledge and respect,” he wrote. “In the spirit of unity, it is only right that we ensure our National Anthem reflects this truth and shared appreciation.”

Durham’s fellow Seeker Bruce Woodley and the Bushwackers’ Dobe Newton wrote “I Am Australian”, and  Judith Durham has put pen to paper with her team for a more inclusive Anthem.


Australians let us stand as one, upon this sacred land

A new day dawns, we’re moving on to trust and understand.

Combine our ancient history and cultures everywhere,

To bond together for all time, advance Australia fair.

With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair.

Australians let us all be one, with peace and harmony.

Our precious water, soil and sun, grant life for you and me.

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts to love, respect and share,

And honouring the Dreaming, advance Australia fair.

With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair.

Australians let us strive as one, to work with willing hands.

Our Southern Cross will guide us on, as friends with other lands.

While we embrace tomorrow’s world with courage, truth and care,

And all our actions prove the words, advance Australia fair,

With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair.

And when this special land of ours is in our children’s care,

From shore to shore forever more, advance Australia fair.

With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance . . Australia . . fair.

Is a new wave Coronavirus back in Australia? – Editorial

I predicted earlier in February, as Australia was moving into a post-covid economy with Coronavirus cases reducing, that due to our beautiful summer temperatures Australia did not experience the number of cases as in Europe or the UK. Now in Melbourne, Victoria there are cases returning, as winter settles in. We are now to ask the questions as we are shutting ourselves away from the rest of the world for the time-being and winter temperatures are hitting our shores, ask yourself? Is a new wave of Coronavirus back in Australia?

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Are you considering full time study next semester, and are worried about the financial consequences of being a mature age student, especially if you have bills to pay but would like to be skilled for the next job? I have been there, and I look forward to sharing my tips with you on how to survive financially, and make your dollar stretch further and keep your debts – if any – under control to avoid harassing phone calls, or worse still, the pesky debt collector at your door. My ebook will be released via my website on Monday 14 June 2021, launching online a midday Sydney time!

Haifa Wehbe – Setting the Trends Again and Again

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Throughout my career, I have met a lot of amazing people in my workplaces from all walks of life, not only staff and management, also customers and clients I have served. One very special manager, who was my boss and compliance queen and who I shared many a Manoush (and argument) when I worked in the collections industry in Western Sydney, introduced me to the music of a Trendsetter in World Music.

This trendsetter sings in Arabic and English, is a very controversial figure in the Middle East. The artist I introduce to you is Haifa Wehbe – who made it on 2006 People Magazine’s Top 50 most beautiful people list. A trendsetter, in the fashion world too, that BBCTrending published Wehbe performing in a pan-Arab TV music talent show in 2014 wore a figure-hugging dress which showed revealing sheer panels. This had sent an eruption in the Middle-Eastern Twitter world, with terms “scandalous” used more than once. “Haifa you have crossed the line” said another. I give thanks to Dana Khairallah, a Lebanese lifestyle blogger, who says “there’s also an element of social media meanness in what is happening that drives this bullying of celebrities”. Well said Dana, the trend that is social media means people hide behind a screen to criticise. Haifa puts it out there in person, is not afraid. Its why she continues her success.

Haifa, keep overcoming your critics. On a personal note, thank you MJK for keeping in touch, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, which has sadly seen our world change.

Haifa Wehbe and Ne-Yo single “Habibi” will be played on TAFE Radio Fashion and Trends Show with Camilo Piovesan, Friday 4 June 2021 from 11am.

What is empathy training for a politician?

That is the question host of the 7.30 Report on ABC Television Leigh Sales asked our Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the day after the 2021 Federal Budget was announced, as Queensland Coalition MP Andrew Laming still remains Chair of the Parliamentary Committee and will not recontest the next election, after a series of scandals which led to Laming taking some time off work to get some “empathy training” – a counselling course run by the private sector.

After this empathy training what did Laming find out about himself after seeing the Doctor and undertaking this course? He found he is overly empathetic, has been recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Laming blames his behaviour on ADHD. Taking inappropriate photo of a woman’s behind in Brisbane, and operating 30 anti-Labor Government Facebook pages, putting that down to addiction.

Now he is back at work.

Ask yourself this, if this is the punishment for politicians who are elected by the voters and need to hold a higher legal responsibility and regard, why is this a sackable offence in the corporate sector? How do people that have mental health issues feel about Laming’s own self-assessment?

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Banking on a decent pay rise? Think again

With the global pandemic and a rebounding economy, the outlook is grim for those that are looking for a decent pay rise within the next few years. Especially for those graduates out of TAFE and University that want to start making good money and saving for their future. So don’t feel disheartened if you take on more responsibilities for the same pay, or your employer will do wine and cheese nights instead of paying the bonus you are entitled to.

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